INTELICRETO ® is a multi-purpose sealer concrete that provides various solutions in the construction industry. Its aggregates and mineral / chemical additives create a micro-concrete mix that does not crack upon setting, therefore prevents water filtering through the concrete surface and provides higher tension / compression properties compared with traditional concrete. This unique feature drastically reduces deterioration and erosion of the concrete surface when installed in a 3mm thick layer, as it becomes more resistant and 100% waterproof. This results in a drastic extension in the useful life of waterproofing membranes, paint, cast, tile adhesive and any other coating that can be installed on concrete.

In presentation of

1 & 5 kg

Main solutions:


Waterproof concrete surfaces permanently

Extend useful life
Extend useful life of waterproofing membranes, paint, cast and other coatings
Moisture proofing
Eliminate and prevent moisture, saltpeter and mold in concrete surfaces
Crack fixing

Fix and eliminate all types of cracks in concrete surfaces permanently

Eliminate water filtering

Eliminate water filtering between two concrete walls

Concrete joints

Seal concrete joints permanently

Reinforce concrete surfaces

Reinforce concrete surfaces for heavy traffic

Detailed installation guide

5 simple steps to apply INTELICRETO®

Guaranteed installation

Don’t wait for the cracks to get larger, for the raining season or for your concrete surface to deteriorate. Install the only permanent solution to restore concrete and eliminate water filtering.
Contact us for more information in our guaranteed installations.
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