INTELICRETO® multi-purpose sealer concrete that provides various solutions in the construction industry.

Recognized in the national market for our high quality and rapid growth

We have established ourselves as a benchmark brand that has gained more and more presence throughout the country.

Through our extensive network of distributors, you can get our products in more than 5,000 hardware stores nationwide and soon in South America and Europe.

We are known for our excellent service and the great versatility of our products, which provide high quality at competitive prices. Our business partners favor us with their preference since our brand provides solutions to its customers and very interesting utilities to our distributors.

Some of its main solutions:


Waterproof concrete surfaces permanently

Extend useful life

Extend useful life of waterproofing membranes, paint, cast and other coatings

Moisture proofing

Eliminate and prevent moisture, saltpeter and mold in concrete surfaces

Crack fixing

Fix and eliminate all types of cracks in concrete surfaces permanently

Eliminate water filtering

Eliminate water filtering between two concrete walls

Concrete joints

Seal concrete joints permanently

Reinforce concrete surfaces

Reinforce concrete surfaces for heavy traffic

Interested in being a distributor of our products?

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